Numismatic Competition!!!

Coin Snippet Game
Coin Snippet Game
Coin Grading Game
Coin Grading Game


Current Competition Standings


User Points Time (s)
jcrincont 133 169
Sergey Kurakov 131 126
Arbor 129 107
Arturas Patasonka 121 94
Bart Perdieus 121 132
Competition ends in:


Identify and grade 15 coins as fast as you can till Midsummer day (2018-06-24) and win prizes.

Are you really good at numismatic? Take up the challenge!

Verified questions database, free to play, productive use of our time and much more

  • Test and improve your numismatic skills
  • Participate in the competition
  • Simple rules
  • Share result on social
  • Win prizes


Good luck!

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