Coin Snippet Game

Coin Snippet Game


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The rules are simple. Participant is invited to answer 15 different questions. Indicate country by a snippet of a coin photo, correct answer earns 5 points. If the answer was wrong the whole coin is revealed and the question is repeated, in this case the correct answer earns only 1 point.

If two players achieve the same score, the one who complete the task faster is rated higher. So time is important too!

Good luck!

Best scores

User Points Time (s) Date
User Points Time (s) Date
Monroe 34 88 2021-05-06
User Points Time (s) Date
ZoltanLajosKis 75 27 2016-12-04
Guillermo Granados 75 29 2017-06-28
Manovandet 75 31 2017-06-18
Sergey Kurakov 75 32 2017-06-29
YuriyDema 75 34 2016-12-03

Last Competition Results

User Points Time (s)
Sergey Kurakov 142 96
ZoltanLajosKis 142 164
Arbor 135 111
Haseeb Naz 119 266
aлексим24 118 256

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