Coin Grading Game

Coin Grading Game


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The rules are simple. Participant is invited to answer 15 different questions. You will get a complete pictures of the coin (obverse and reverse), when you move the cursor over the image that region will be zoomed in, so that you could see fine detail of every coin. Select the grade of a given coin (all game coins have been graded by the most popular coin grading services). The correct answer earns 5 points, if the answer was near to correct: it earns 1 point.

If two players achieve the same score, the one who complete the task faster is rated higher. So time is important too!

Good luck!

Best scores

User Points Time (s) Date
User Points Time (s) Date
Tabitha Collins 36 1003 2020-10-22
Keaton 30 95 2020-10-02
Ardo 18 63 2020-10-02
User Points Time (s) Date
gingerginger 75 75 2018-06-22
Sergey Kurakov 67 40 2017-06-16
Manovandet 67 65 2018-06-08
ZoltanLajosKis 67 109 2017-06-23
Guillermo Granados 63 134 2017-06-27

Last Competition Results

User Points Time (s)
Nyx1966 80 234
gingerginger 79 488

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