5 Rupees - Cricket (1999)


Denomination 5 Rupees
Catalog Number KM# 161
Weight (g) 9.5
Diameter (mm) 23
Thickness (mm) 2.8
Shape: Round
Composition: Nickel-Brass
Currency Value (USD) 0.03
Orientation Medal orientation ↑↑


To the left an artist's impression of the Cricket World Cup trophy which was won by Sri Lanka, with that year 1996 right above in 3 lines the legend WORLD CRICKET CHAMPIONS in Sinhala, Tamil and English. Sri Lanka in Sinhala appears to the apex of the coin and in Tamil and English to left and right of that around the periphery. Issue year 1999 is depicted at bottom.


At center an artist's impression of two cricketers a batsman and a wicket keeper. Below the numeral 5 and the denomination FIVE RUPEES in words in Sinhala, Tamil and English in 3 lines to the left and in Braille to right of the numeral. on left. Above are the words 1999 CRICKET WORLD CUP - MAY 14-JUNE 20. in two arcs. The names of the 12 countries which participated in 1999 World Cup are embossed around the periphery. (SRI LANKA * WEST INDIES * ZIMBABWE * AUSTRALIA * BANGLADESH * ENGLAND * INDIA * KENYA * NEW ZEALAND * PAKISTAN * SCOTLAND * SOUTH AFRICA).


Milled with inscription.
Year Mintage Comment Rarity
1999 50,000,000 Common

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