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CoinsBook created a numismatic game and set up a prize. Indicate country by a snippet of a coin photo. Play 2 weeks and in 2016-12-04 we'll announce winner and award him/her with a prize.

Read rules, see prize and best results here.

Please take a moment of your time to leave comments, wishes and suggestions about the game. Any ideas about new games are welcome.

Very interesting! 

Hello to everyone,

We have created page in Facebook for our games section here. Please visite, like and share us :)

Edited 2 years ago

Leave it as it is!!! I've been a world coin collector for many years and I couldn't do it well even if I tried for many times, this game it's awesome, congrats!!!

Coin Grading Game is under construction. We hope you are going to like it too.

CoinsBook plant to create "Numismatic Games" section and we'd like to hear your proposals what games could be implemented? What would you like to see "Numismatic Games"?

Edited 2 years ago

There is too many bugs, unfortunately...

Hello, we've updated games code and hope all the bugs were fixed. Please try updated games.

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