Hi all... I am new here and trying to start building. Will need your help on how to build my spare list of coins and to swap. I am a genuine swapper with good rating in Numista. But here I am new and hope to gain the same

Hello and Welcome!

We have step by step guides for creating online collection and swapping here in CoinsBook, please see:

Hope you'll enjoj the site!

I have at the moment my colle tino and double list in an Excel file with thousand of coins, this it is very hard to inserted all my coins here. is there any possibilità of massive insertion , starting e.g. by a cvs file?


At the moment we are developing application that would enable upload collection from Excel file. However, the process will still be approximate.

If you want we can try upload your collection, send your excel or csv file to Please just remember we are only testing this application.

Regards, Tomas

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