Winner of the Coin Snippet Game

Hello to everyone,

Congratulations to the winner of Coin Snippet Game!! ZoltanLajosKis scored the best results in the game, he won the first round and the receives a prize: 25 Litai - Lithuania’s Road to Independence - 25th anniversary of the Baltic Way (2014).

It was really fun two weeks of competition, that took place between several players and the winner scored the best result in just the last day. We believe that you have liked our organized game and we are planning to organize more numismatic games with prizes, and without them.

In order to contribute to the developement of the games section PM me. We could really use your help.

Congratulations again to ZoltanLajosKis!

Good day. As for me, was a very interesting game competition!
Thanks to the authors of the game and pulling an unforgettable experience and excitement of the past two weeks.
Winner - congratulations! The result - incredible.

Yeah very good game! Cant wait for others :)

Congratulations to winner!


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