Who else would like to do a banknote catalogue in this website?

Who else would like to do a banknote catalogue in this website?



Yes, that would be very welcome!

There was a discussion once here about that: www.coinsbook.net/forums/website-development/topics/banknotes

Of counrce I'd be for that :)


actualy a start has been made. System for banknotes started to implement. We have 3 banknotes in catalog :)




(they were added more for testing porpuses). However because of lack interest work has been halted. Now we just have code for displaying banknotes page, no banknote catalog, no posibility to add banknote to your collection, no possibility to add/edit banknotes from page. But if there would be interest we could resume work, for that we need help your personal input. If there would be some people ready to help us we can start talking about banknote catalog in CoinsBook.

Regards, Tomas


  I can contribute photos of banknotes from various former British colonies - including The Gambia,Ireland,Somaliland,South Sudan,& Zimbabwe.


Of course I would like to see the banknote catalog here.

I had started uploading photos of banknotes from Australia,colonial Burma,& The Gambia.

This idea of submitting an Excel form is very antiquated,& there are some people,me included,who are not technically minded,especially when it comes to Excel forms.


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