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I want to build online collection here. This takes a lot of my time and effort.

On the homepage you speak about e-collection statistics, but I can't find any information how statistics will look like. I really don't understund what I will get in the final.

Please explain me



Edited 7 years ago

Planned new features in CoinsBook. It will be some statistics of your collection such as:

  • collections catalog value;
  • collections precious metal value;
  • collections currency value;
  • collections quantity and value growth over time;
  • collections grades and metal distribution;
  • collections display in the world map, including different historical periods cuts;
  • as well as the value and quantity distribution by country.

We plan to present such statistic pages in September (we'll report exact date in forum), so if these properties interests you it's really worth to create your own online collection in CoinsBook :)

Regards, Tomas

Hello, new collection management features implemented, please visit our demonstration:

Regards, Tomas

Edited 6 years ago
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