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Online collection
Easy to build your own online collection.
Coins exchange system, swap coins
Coin exchange system
Assembling your online collection and exchange list will allow to swap coins with other people around the world
Structured coins collection manager
Coins manager
Flexible statistics system for the collector that helps to set up new goals. Click to try
Coins cloud
Access your collection wherever you are
Collector social network
Identify coins, ask for advice or any other numismatic question. Play numismatic games


In CB you can add your coins to your online collection and exchange list. By marking what coins of what year/variety and what condition you own and can offer to exchange with other people around the world. One of the main opportunity of online collection - opportunity to exchange coins with other people around the world. You’ll be able easily compare your swap partners exchange coins with your collection and select which coins interest you. Where is also a wish list of coins and years/varieties which will also help you more easily find coins that you want. So you‘ll get opportunity to qualitatively expand your real collection. The second one - opportunity to see statistics and other visualisations of your collection. For example how many coins in collection you have, how many different types of coins in collection you have, how collection grows in a time line, how many different countries and how your collection looks on a world map. The third one - opportunity to access your online collection wherever you are.

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