Is the cash disappearing in your country?



I mean disappearing as a payment method.... In Finland about 5 years ago close to 50% of everyday payments in shops etc. were made using cash. Nowadays it's around 30% or even less. People are using bank/credit cards and they even part of those won't carry cash with then at all. 

Where it comes to coins is that those don't circulate so much anymore. New 2015 coins are not in circulation, there's no need for those. I just wonder that on next 2-5 years cash is really disappearing fast and it changes this hobby quite a lot when there's not neccessary coming new coins out and mint's are strucking coins mostly for collectors purposes.


New 30th ann EU-flag 2 euro cc is quite few minted in most of releasing countries. Does it tell us that cash is disappearing elswhere too?





In Lithuania commercial banks are trying to take much cash out of circulation: Entered limit how much you can withdraw from an ATM for free, the number of ATMs is declining. However, all we know it's for bank profitability :)

I do not believe that soon banks and electronic systems will gain so much trust, so that peole will stop using cach money.

Hi from Russia,


To understand that I want to say, please answer this question first:

What do you think about newspaper, books, ect, will they one day disappear as real one?

My opinion (I am talking about the mass consumer here), "supply" will disappear, then and only then, when it will be financially not interesting for no one.

Now, returning to main question posted here, future of 3-5 generations, coins and banknote will not disappear. If we take future of 10 generation, I think that logic will be the same as with the real books (here I speak about circulating coins and banknotes).

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