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Hi to everyone,

I've started to collect coins recently and at this moment, I have no system how to collect coins and this fact irritate me. It's obvious that I can't collect everything, coins world are so big :)

My thought about system is historical events, but I'm afraid that this kind of system can be very difficult.

Can somebody share his systematic coin collecting experience? Do you collect only some countries or regions? Only some periods of history? Or maybe just as investment for profit?

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Hello Fay

Interesting question and points you raise.

Usually one collects coins -and other items- from places, themes or events that hold some emotional significance.

I started collecting coins and paper money, in that order, over thirty years ago. I started off with Portuguese colonial coins. Then I expanded to Turkish Republic coins. Then paper money from Portuguese Colonies and Turkey. Then both from Portugal. Then both from Ottoman Empire post AH 1255 Year 6. Along the way, I started and gave up collecting modern Polish and Mexican coins.

Now that I have a family of my own and I must think about finances and time management, I have strongly curtailed my acquisition of items for my collections unless they are either far below market prices or as part of a lot of items that will form part of my trading stock. I was fortunate enough to obtain a VF condition 20 Angolars 1927 Pick 72. Those that know Angolan paper money can appreciate what an important find that was!


Hi to everyone,

For me a collection never is finished. So I collect all world, all dates. Of course that I never finish my collection. Good I have a way to continue collecting. Good collections.

Hello, I've started to collect coins from by birth year, but now I collect every coin that I can get. Without any system :)

Regards, Eliot

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Hi all, i've started to collecting since 2007, when i was 13 years old. that time i had a target to collect all coins and banknotes from all over the world. but for getting deep experince to an one subject, i'm specially trying to collect different colonial and territorial coins and notes besides all.

Fay, my own experience, WW2 historical event was/are/be my passion. So I start to collect coins from this period. The beginning was promising, until aspiration to get this coins:

Now my collecting, frankly speaking, is boaring. One coin per 1-2 month. 

My advace, before you choose system, google value of the coins from period, region, ...



I collect perhaps without system, everything. However, it is interesting, to me, to have something from everywhere. From all countries from all kinds of historical events or periods. It is not so interesting to collect everything, but to have at least a tiny bit of everything :)

Regards, Tomas

Hi All,

To me, there are many ways to out a system into your collection - a few ideas :

- collect types according to a catalogue - maybe Krause-Mishler or a local catalogue, and then pick out a country / a period / political system to begin with. Like "all Krause-mishler (KM) types from Germany 1918-2015". This will lead your around sub-periods like e.g. Weimar republic, Third Reich, West-Gemrany (BRD) vs. East Germany (GDR), united Germany and different currencies like Reichsmark, East and West marks and Euro.

- collect types by year and mintmark - maybe a rather mecanical way of collecting.

- a special cointype, like silver coins in Thaler size.

- coinmotives - like ships, animals, flowers, whatever catches your attention.

By narrowing your field of collecting like this, you avoid having a messy collecting with a bit of this and a bit of that, but follow a country down through history, get a visually nice display of similar coins or a theme, that goes all the way through.

A good way to get inspiration, is by looking at coinbooks, and maybe even books of stamps. As I see it, stamp collectors may have a better sense of presentation, as a part of their hobby is to present their collections to others at exhibitions.

Most important is, that you are not in doubt about what belongs (and what doesn´t belong) to your collection. When an area is "exhausted", pick a new country, a new period, a new motive, and you´ll have plenty of pleasure from building up a new collection.

Look luck, Fay ...

Best regards,

Henry (Denmark).





I collect by country, type, year, mint mark and variants. I have > 36.000 different coins in my collection.


Why do you set up a new site for this?

On the web there already too many sites like this and it's impossible to keep your collection on several sites, since all the sites have different formats!

Furthermore it's impossible for me at least to have my doubles on ANY of the sites, since I have more than 15.000 of them and I exchange mostly by the help of excel files, so my interests are limited to two sites, none of them being this one,where I also communicate my variant documentations, as this for example:


Ole, France

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I collect world coins, and I collect (at least) one coins from every country and every ruler that ever existed.

My suggestion - start with 1900-today, and then go back one century, etc.., etc...

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