Help to solve the coin storage and manage problems

Hello, I've started collecting coins not so long ago and the hobby hooked me very much :) Now I start to understand that soon I'll have to solve coin storage and manage problems, what coin storage method should I chose:

Plastic flips
coin holders
plastic bags

Boxes (wooden, metal, plastic)
coin albums
coin cabinets

Price, reliability over time, accessibility of collection, three main point for me. Please help me to chose. Maybe just tell about the way you store your collection and why?


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I place coins into holders then into plastic sheets and albums.

I like this way cause all coins become equal in diameter and look nice in album.

However, coin edge becomes invisible, and edge is important part of some coins.

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Since I am moving some of my coins and paper money to Indonesia ie from a Mediterannean climate to a humid and tropical one, I have decided on the following;

NGC & PMG holders for my better coins and stock.

Lindner coin boxes for my cheaper items. The boxers will be sealed with plastic sheets internally and will stored in Tupperware containers. After having spent a lot of money on the actual collection the extra on demonstrably solid containers is just an afterthought.

Also the Tupperware containers can be inserted into larger packing crates if I decide to put my items in commercial storage for any amount of time.




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Maida: how much albums do you have? do you use labels on albums, or inscriptions on holder?

Paul: this methods sound expensive :) can you tell how much does it cost to you?

Hello Ravi

The method is expensive but I am not talking common coins or notes here - the item has to have a minimum commercial value of US$100 or be otherwise significant in my collection or trading stock.

Have spent approx US$6000 thus far on ''slabbing'' coins or notes. Of course, unless I pass on my items to family, then having the items in 3rd party 'slabs' also helps re-sale especially in the US.

The Lindner boxes I have had in my possession for over three decades, the Tupperware will certainly costs something and commercial storage in a reliable jurisdiction ditto. Have not come to terms with those costs yet but I will have to.

Futher questions?


Can you make photo of how this looks like? And maybe your collection is exhibited some how?

Sorry I am unable to do so. I have sent photos of my collection to various websites. Please tell me what items are of specific interest to you and what your collecting budget is.

my coins budget is really small at the time :) now I'm mostly interested in inter-war period coins.

Hello friends,

i'm not coin expert but i love to share my expericence with you.
i use some different methods to store my coins.

1 Capsules - it's best way to store coin but expensive and need more storing place to keep them. try to get quality brands , because many chines and other cheap brands may cause to your coins, they might have acid 

2 coin holders - there are many types many quality - main advantage is we need less place to store them , and possible to catalog the collection (Km #, year,Country) 
   Some are Self Adhesive Coin Holders - they are very good no need to apply stemper pins, 
    Some we need to apply stemper pins , be careful when you apply pins make sure to get copper or copper plated pings otherwise your  coin      folder may damage due to Rust , even your album may damage.

3 I use some Air tite plastic bags to keep coins. 

4 Coin Album  
  Try to get Quality albums .Germany made are best recommanded. NUMIS ,Lighthouse, Avoid cheap chines albums they have acid and damage your coins.


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And my proof coins i pack with airtight plastic bag separately and all proof coins store in big airtight box. 

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Hello people,

Gayan Sirimanna

I am also beginner, thank for sharing this, this is exciting.


I have 13 albums, so the need some notes on them, and I'm still am trying to find time to do thisi :)

About inscriptions on the holders: I do not write, because my writing is not nice, and everything will look better without it.

Hey Ravi, I hold my coins in albums without any holders or capsules. It's cheep and fits me best:

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This is my holder to put the coins, I made the label and you can see specific details of coin, like Date, Value, Composition metal, and short specifications

hey, Jota thanks for sharing. It's good idea to print label, I can also print flag of the country at the time.

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